'Why Leighton Park?' This is a very good question, and its answer can be found by exploring the history of the school and its origin.  It is right that we continue to ask the question, however, because the school, like any organic institution, has changed in many ways since it opened in 1890.  The characteristic that remains in place, and can be identified throughout the school's remarkable history, is the firm commitment to the Quaker values that underpin  the richly varied education and community experience it offers..

This school has been established for the purpose of providing for the sons of Friends and others an education not inferior to that given at the leading Public Schools. 


We believe that the sane balance between spiritual, intellectual, moral and practical matters that has characterised the Quaker position at its best, has an especial relevance to the needs of modern education...



In this section of the website you can read about different aspects of the school's history. Subscribers may also wish to consult the Timeline, which gives a linear, chronological history of the school, illustrated by contemporary documents and images. The Timeline include access to the volumes of The Leightonian magazine, published between 1895 and 1999. Those associated with the school - former and current governors, employees, students, parents - may register through the log-in facility at the bottom of the page.


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